BI4Web V.22, speed and creativity, enhancing the power of your data

Users of the new version of BI4Web will experience a real revolution. The update developed by RCM Software will be a watershed in the evolution of BI. Users will have functionalities and more benefits that will contribute to efficiency in their daily tasks. Likewise, it provides an infinite range of possibilities that enriches the experience of the graphical representation of data.

BI4Web V.22 enhances the freedom to build creative solutions that contribute to more efficiently covering the growing needs of business intelligence in companies. Below you will find a summary of the main benefits of the new version.

Experience the speed without borders.

• Up to 200% more speed in data collection.
• Search, filter, select and access data without waiting.
• Autonomously manages data visualization.
• Access data without intermediate consolidation processes.

View, customize, and share.

• Centralize in a single BI tool all the information of your digital ecosystem with 100% compatibility
• Customize and save your dashboards.
• Securely share your dashboards and allow your colleagues to interact with the information.

Live a renewed experience.

• Enjoy a BI in a renewed, fresh and modern environment.
• Easily choose the graphic representation you need.
• Easy analysis, thanks to hierarchical navigation.

Use superior features

• Edit graphical representations live.
• Access to the most extensive library of native BI graphics on the market.
• Create tooltips with everything you need, from multimedia resources to JavaScript-based features.

Improve your performance

• Use the same dashboard to represent information from different companies, languages​​, and several users.
• Solve your doubts faster with the help integrated into the graphic designers.
• Connects to most existing data sources.

Manage smartly

• Link users directly to your Active Directory or LDAP server.
• Create access policies for users or groups of users.
• Grants customization permissions per user.

Know all these advantages in our webinar: BI4Web V.22, the BI revolution.

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