BI4Web V.23

BI4Web V.23 is now available

We have excellent news for our entire community. BI4Web V.23 is now available with multiple innovations and improvements. We share the most prominent ones here:

A renewed experience

BI4Web V.23 is available as a PWA (Progressive Web App). It allows you to access it more easily from any mobile or desktop device without installation and with an experience much closer to the applications we already know.

Another advantage of PWAs is that you can add their icon to both the home screen and the device’s taskbar. It facilitates access since only one click is needed to launch the application.

A new dimension in data analysis

This new version incorporates the functionality to calculate and represent trend lines. It will allow users to identify patterns and predict future behaviors based on historical data. These patterns can be upward trends, downward trends, seasonalities, and cycles.

Improved style application

Simple data control applies all styles correctly. In this version, we fixed those few cases where styles did not work properly. Moreover, helpers have improved by having an alignment that favors their presentation.

Enhanced Excel export

In BI4Web V.23, the export to Excel format has resolved export errors that happened when exporting from the grid or pivot grid control, and the cell with numeric values was a string (Alphanumeric).

Additionally, unlike previous versions, the width of the columns adapts to the length of the length value in every row. It makes the exported document look much better and prevents values from being unorganized.

Another detail of this version is that the values totals in Excel-exported documents are highlighted in bold to make them easier to differentiate from others.

If you want to update to the new version, contact your BI4Web distributor or contact us by writing to

To read the complete documentation of the new version, click here.

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