Business Intelligence and Information Security as Business Differentiators

Business intelligence solutions are becoming increasingly essential elements in organizations. The main reason is that they are crucial for digital transformation processes due to their technological component that facilitates access to information and their impact on organizational culture, which is moving towards data-driven decision-making.

Like any advancement, BI solutions are conducive to new scenarios within organizations that represent new opportunities and challenges. The advantages are gaining popularity, and we invite you to read our articles:

In these articles, we address the impact of Business Intelligence in different areas of companies. Regarding the challenges, information security represents relevant aspects for protecting against threats and complying with current data processing regulations.

How to securely manage your organization’s data?

It is essential to consider what data you handle, for what purpose, and which people within the organization should have access. For this last point, it is recommendable to assign access permissions considering the need-to-know principle. In this way, only those users who legitimately need access to the information will have it. By delimiting each person in the organization to the data based on their role, you can mitigate the risks associated with the inappropriate use of data.

Another relevant aspect is the maintenance of access logs that allow tracking of who accesses the information. For this, it is necessary to provide mechanisms that prevent to share access credentials and other non-recommended practices.

Regarding the previous points, it is relevant to work with Business Intelligence solutions that facilitate the implementation of these measures. In this regard, BI4Web stands out for its efficient and secure data management from user and dashboard creation.

BI4Web: The secure BI solution for your data

Thanks to the architecture of BI4Web, data management, permissions, and users offer information security with efficient time utilization. Why? Because it allows you to create intelligent dashboards that display the information corresponding to each user without the necessity of creating one for each user, as is usual with other market options.

A clear example is a sales dashboard that shows the individual sales performance of each salesperson but also allows a regional sales manager to view sales for a specific region. Visualization privileges are associated with each user, so they always correspond to the responsibilities assigned to the employee.

Regarding sharing information, BI4Web enables sharing dashboards with colleagues via email. This functionality is not enabled to share information with people outside the organization. Additionally, shared links have limitations in terms of time and maximum number of uses.

If you share it via email, the receiving colleague can only navigate through the shared information. This way, they can access all the visualization advantages of BI4Web without any unwanted access to other data. Thus, work teams can collaborate cohesively with options that provide the necessary data protection.

Simplified and secure access to data offers organizations an improvement in competitiveness by enhancing their ability to make efficient data-driven decisions.

If you want to access the benefits of business intelligence with the necessary security, contact us, and we will accompany you with the best solutions to make digital transformation and information security pieces of your company.

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