BI4Web New version 21

Learn what´s new in BI4Web version 21

The next version of BI4Web will deliver a faster and more agile performance and everything you need for a more intuitive work, both in visualization with BI4Web Viewer and in development with BI4Web Studio.

In this sense, BI4Web Viewer will have new kinematic components and the option to zoom in on specific data areas, which will offer a more interactive experience and open a new world in the visualization of details that increase your chances of finding out opportunities within data. In the same way, it will include direct access to exportation and changes in components’ behavior.

With this new release, planned for the last quarter of 2021, we offer our customers features that will give them better visualization options so they can continue to discover opportunities in data. To learn more about the update, we invite you to watch the following videos.

BI4Web Viewer version 21

Graphics designer tutorial. BI4Web Studio version 21

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