Save up to 50% of time and cost in data integrations

Save up to 50% time and money in data integrations

Have your data up to date, available and centralized. 

Have your data up to date, available and centralized

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Data storage+ AI

Improve your data storage processes with AI benefits. Data Gate is the first tool in market with analytic and predictive data features, as a modern and powered SQL language. Access to powerful predictions and learnings with SQL sentences.

Your dataalways available

With DataGate maintain windows are part of the past thanks to its powerful structure. This way your data is always up to date and available.

The power ofcentralization

Enjoy all benefits of centralization with our revolutionary design that redefines how an ETL works. Create and maintain SQL sentences from DataGate server and generate your data warehouse without the necessity of connecting to every data source.  

Stop worryingon integrations

Rely on our integrations catalog to find the right integration. Some of them are apps like: BI4Web, BI4Web, PowerBI, Excel, Qlik View, Qlik Sense, Tableau y Pentaho. Some others are languages like: C#, Java, C++, PHP, Phyton, Progress OpenEdge,  Javascript, among maniy ohers.

How doesit work?


DataGate extracts data from data sources and processes it in a centralized way.




Forsee your sales and get your team and products ready for future challenges. Set sales goals based on data with DataGate.


Know what your audience perception on your brands, services and products is in social media.  


Estimate efficiently your operation´s risks and create strategies to mitigate them. For example, offer loans to your clients based on data with DataGate machine learning features


Improve your profit and get sustainable growth through right segmentation and clusterization. This way you can set prices for specific clients segments taking into account every factor, thanks to DataGate machine learning features.  


Create recommendations systems based on your client preferences and behavior so you can implement up-selling and cross-selling strategies to deliver the right offer at the right time.


Consolidate all data within a single place, no matter what data sources you are working with, from IOT devices to traditional databases.

Read more about DataGate IOT.


Access easily to irregularities information within your business operation, including bank operations, sales, resources consumption, etc.

Have the right record and make the necessary corrections based on DataGate´s feature for pikes and trend changes detection.

Segmentation ofcustomers

Organize your customer´s information, improve your acknowlegde of them and give them more accurate offers based on machine learning with DataGate.


Manage your stock with a prediction system based on machine learning, allowing you to have only products high profitability and rotation.


Prevention ofabandonment

Go one step ahead and learn with DataGate which customers are at risk of abandonment and Implement timely actions that allow you to reduce the abandonment rate. This way you will save money since acquire new customers might be up to 5 times more expensive that keeping one.

Identify and quantifyyour losses

Learn how to focus your commercial actions by anticipating when customer loss is going to happen, allowing you to create business plans oriented to reduce migration.   



Easy generation

Keep your data warehouse available with just a SQL sentence. Furthermore, there is no need to create a new tab, since DataGate does it automatically. Extraction also works with SQL even if data source is not SQL.


Do processes like cleaning, integration, accumulates, machine learning calculations and specialized functions.


Incorporate machine learning in your processing data journey with DataGate. Do predictions such as sales forecasting, products recommendation, and pricing; and binary classification like sentiment analysis and fraud detection.

Dynamic andmaterialized views

Access to all your data ecosystem in a very simple way thanks to DataGate feature of working with both dynamic and materialized views.

No unavailabletimes

Your data is always available even when updates are going on. Thanks to our innovative system there is no need to wait for the update to finish.


Grant your users with fast information delivery by setting up as many replicated nodes as your organization needs.


All our SSL protocols are up to date.


Connect all data no matter where it is hosted. DataGate has up to 60 native connectors, ODBC, and OLEDB.


Available for platforms with 64 bits OS from Linux and Windows.

Data governance: control your data

Define generation rules and control them for your users. You can also add KPI validations.



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