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RCM receives the recognition of Innovative SME

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has awarded RCM Software with the seal of innovative SME, in recognition of research, development and innovation that give high quality results such as BI4Web and DataGate.

With the first one, RCM offers one of the most advanced business intelligence software, with a licesing model that allow companies concede access as many employees as needed, from any device and anytime. It also has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each organization.

With the second one, RCM integrates in a solution everything needed for the extraction, treatment, and use of data, with the advantages of AI and machine learning. All of this, from almost any data source and with great utilities for different kinds of organizations, no matter if their profile is commercial or industrial.

This way, RCM Software keeps showing compromise with research, development, and innovation, with the goal of staying as an ally for companies that are willing to start or continue their digital transformation journey.

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