Six pieces of advice on AI for companies

Six pieces of advice on AI for companies

AI (Artificial intelligence) is one of the most in-demand technologies for companies in recent years. The use of AI in everyday and business activities has contributed to making it a concept that is not solely reserved for technological development fields. More and more companies are starting to integrate components of artificial intelligence into their daily tasks.

In the face of AI advancement, highly competitive companies take a strategic approach that centrally integrates all the needs of different departments. This way, they maximize benefits and more efficiently mitigate risks. If you are considering incorporating artificial intelligence into your company’s operations, we invite you to consider the following recommendations.

Define your approach. It is necessary to create a roadmap to identify the needs of your organization and not embark on a search without clear objectives. Do you want to strengthen your sales process? Do you need to automate tasks in your production plant? Formulating questions like these and prioritizing them can help you define your approach. An additional element to consider is what has the greatest impact on key indicators of your company. With a progressive approach, you can advance in technology adoption within your company while properly addressing the risks associated with each step.

Get informed. With the defined approach, you can search for the information you need. Keep in mind that the term artificial intelligence refers to a broad group of technologies that help automate or digitize processes in companies. Therefore, it is advisable to delve into understanding what each of these options can offer and their alignment with the company’s level of digital maturity.

Take the necessary time to choose: Do not choose tools randomly. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the large number of options available in the market, but it is important to take the necessary time to make the right choice. In addition to the tool, we recommend informing yourself about the developing company and how they handle the collected data. This can help you mitigate security risks by discarding less secure options.

Do not neglect the security of your data. It may be tempting to start working with solutions or tools that incorporate artificial intelligence, but many of them make use of collected information that can result in security breaches or the exposure of sensitive information. Evaluate the existing options and choose those that provide you with what is necessary to avoid risks. For example, a data management policy that aligns with your company’s policy and the nature of the data you handle.

Involve your team. No matter how many tasks can be automated or digitized with artificial intelligence, there will always be people responsible for the actions carried out. Therefore, involving the individuals on your team who will interact with AI solutions will be a key point for the successful implementation of AI tools in the company. Additionally, we recommend creating and sharing with your team a policy for using company information with AI tools, even if you are not currently using one. This is to prevent information leaks from employees using free AI tools with company information.

Stay alert to new trends. With the speed at which technological changes occur today, it is important not to lose sight of innovations. This does not mean incorporating new technologies every day, but rather keeping an eye on developments that may be relevant to the company or have a significant impact on the environment in which the company operates. Having a clear stance towards new tools, solutions, and technologies has a significant impact on the company’s responsiveness, adaptation capabilities, and therefore competitiveness.

At RCM, we develop tools like DataGate that facilitate your access to the benefits of artificial intelligence with everything you need to ensure your data is always secure because we do not share it with third parties. Contact us, and we will help you chart the roadmap for your company to improve and maintain its competitiveness with artificial intelligence.

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