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Marketing strategy success consists of delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. That is why companies invest time and money in making the decisions that lead them to achieve that goal. However, for many, it is just collecting data, but it is not enough; it is crucial to analyze it to identify insights that empower your decisions.
A marketing strategy based on business intelligence is crucial to meet business goals and keeping competitiveness in the market. It helps you to focus your tactics in actions to address the issues with a more relevant impact on your marketing strategy. Even though there are different paths companies might follow to succeed, we suggest following these steps to start your journey.

  1. Define SMART goals. Follow the guidelines of agile methodologies and make sure your objectives are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-bound. That is the most recommended way to keep your marketing strategy based on business intelligence on track from the very beginning.
  2. Collect your data. Identify those digital assets such as social media, websites, apps, e-commerce, etc. Define if you centralize data in a warehouse or your BI solution queries directly to the data sources.
  3. Time to put our hands to work. Connect all the data sources identified in the previous step to the tool or solution you selected. Organize the data and make sure your choice is easy to use.
  4. Analyze the data with a business intelligence tool and focus on insights aligned with your marketing goals.
  5. Empower all business users in your team with access to compelling graphics.
  6. Use your data discoveries and insights to sharpen your marketing tactics and strategy.
    Like other business processes, marketing works better if you refine it at every step with valuable data and insights.
    Another interesting approach is to think of the different fields in your marketing strategy that benefited from business intelligence.

Understand better your audience

Know more about your audience characteristics across your digital ecosystems. You can bring the data from all your sources and create a more accurate audience profile. With it, you can transform data into actions, focusing on meeting your well-profiled audience needs. Here are some examples:

  1. Choose the channels where your audience is more likely to be and convert.
  2. Create messages aligned with your audience’s interests. Tell them what they need to read at every part of the marketing funnel and get better results.
  3. Increase your audience with look-alike segmentations in your acquisition channels. Help you to improve your CTR in your news clients’ acquisition campaigns.

Optimize conversions

After learning more about your audience, it is essential to find out what works better to improve KPIs like CTR, average purchase, etc. Track the behavior of your visitors/buyers on your website or e-commerce with Google Analytics and visualize the data in your chosen BI solution, along with other relevant information from data sources like your CRM or ERP.
Business Intelligence solutions can show all the data you need to have an integral view of your business. Knowing the usual journey of your visitors/buyers can give you light and help you how to draw more clients to the bottom of your marketing funnel.
Besides the benefits mentioned above, BI4Web has a unique feature to zoom in on data from a global perfective to a detailed view. With it, you can understand the behavior of your clients by finding casualties.

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