TEKNOSERVICE: New Partner of RCM Software

TEKNOSERVICE, a leading Spanish hardware manufacturer, has recently joined the network of partners of RCM Software. We are very pleased to share this news with our community because TEKNOSERVICE possesses two characteristics that define our partners very well:

  1. Providing excellent service to their clients
  2. Constant innovation in their products and services.

The leadership of TEKNOSERVICE has enabled it to achieve various objectives, among which we highlight:

The only Spanish company approved by CERN

In 2013, it became the only Spanish company approved to provide computer services for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. In 2017, they renewed their relationship with CERN by implementing TTL servers for their computing center.

TEKNOSERVICE has managed to maintain this milestone by continuing to supply cabinets and storage equipment to Switzerland. Currently, it has prominent clients such as:

  • All regional governments
  • Provincial councils
  • Universities
  • Study centers
  • 2,000 municipalities

Own operating system: TLL OS

Another notable achievement of TEKNOSERVICE is the creation of its operating system, called TLL OS, which, thanks to its great flexibility and security, adapts to the needs of each company regardless of the sector to which it belongs.

Advantages of the alliance

The great potential represented by the combination of the credentials that attest to TEKNOSERVICE’s experience and quality, combined with the technological innovations we work on at RCM Software to offer increasingly competitive tools and solutions, allows us to be confident in the satisfactory results we will see in the future.

With this addition to the network of partners of RCM Software, TEKNOSERVICE’s clients will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the products developed by RCM Software in all their projects related to business intelligence, data analytics, data orchestration, artificial intelligence, data virtualization, and other related topics.

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